Student Testimonial



The FRU Department of FPIK IPB taught me to know more about the world of fisheries, especially Indonesian capture fisheries. Not only about fishing gear but also management and technology, including ports, systems, ships, social services to fishermen and also the law.

During lectures there is always a practicum and also filedtrips. These two activities are the most awaited with all the excitement.

The lecturers are very supportive and help their students’ activities to achieve academic and non-academic achievements, nationally and internationally.

Alhamdulillah while at FRU Department I have participated in several international activities such as:

  • 2016 Global Citizen Exchange, Russia
  • 2017 NPUST Asia Pacific Agriculture Student Summit, Taiwan
  • 2018 Hokkaido Indonesia Student Science Meeting, Japan
  • 2018 NPUST Asia Pacific Agriculture Student Summit, Taiwan
  • 2019 STRP Spring Exchange program, Japan

And thank God I was chosen as the Outstanding Student in 2017 and 2018.


Thanks PSP.

Ken Rizkyna

Hello, I am Dwi Riza, PS TMPT IPB student Batch 54, I think studying at TMPT is really fun, in terms of the learning materials that are unique and different from the others, here I am not only taught how to catch fish, but also learn to design fishing gear , Ports, to designing fishing vessels. I also learned about the policy system, how we can prosper the fishermen, crew members, etc.

Studying here is not only studying in class, we also do field trips directly to the port, to the ship, to the sea, we have walked various ports from North to South coast, friendly lecturers, assistant lecturers who is like family makes me comfortable studying here.

Here I was also taught about leadership in the Personality Development course. From this course I learned how to manage myself to be the best graduate, over time I also automatically learned how to do business, business started from leadership science and I was fortunate to be taught leadership science here. The business I am currently pursuing is an Event Organizer, in the future I also have aspirations to be able to pursue the fishing business, become a port design expert, create fishing vessels, and other technologies. Besides being in the EO business, I also like to write fiction in various media, Line Today, Teen Magazine and on bloggers. From the field trips we often do, I often capture the moments through videos and share them on my YouTube channel.

I am also currently a part of BEM FPIK IPB, being a treasurer at BEM, doing business, and writing do not prevent me from continuing to study here. In fact, colleagues who are like family are very supportive of me and always help me.


Ga nyesel deh kuliah disini 👍👍