Capture Fisheries and Ports Governance Division


To develop science, technology and art (IPTEKS):

  1. Fishing port management and policy
  2. Port Engineering
  3. Fishing Port Industry
  4. Port Area
  5. Landing, distribution and transportation of fish catches


Organization structure

Head of Division

Dr. Ir. Ernani Lubis, DEA

Secretary & Treasurer

Retno Muninggar, S.Pi., ME.


Education Commission

Dr. Mustarudin, STP.

Community Service Commission

Dr. Iin Solihin, S.Pi., M.Si.

Cooperation Commission

Thomas Nugroho, S.Pi., M.Si.


Scope of Study

1. Port and Coastal Areas Management
2. Analysis of Fishery Products and Marine Bioindustry
3. Fishing Port Area
4. Port Policy
5. Socio-Economic of Fishing Port and Coastal and Ocean Resources Management