Scholarship services for students are centrally managed, namely by the Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) IPB. Every student has the right to apply for a scholarship that appropriate with the requirements specified by the Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) and / or donors. For more details about the scholarship, please visit the scholarship link.

The implementation of scholarship services is based on POB-IPB-S1-18. Ditmawa provides information on the existence of scholarships and their requirements to students through various print media (IPB News) and electronic media ( In addition, scholarship information is also provided through the Department. Henceforth, DFRU through the Study Program continues the information to students. For students who will apply for a scholarship, they are asked to submit an application letter that must be known and signed by the Academic Supervisor or Coordinator of undergraduate program.

Many scholarships can be applied by all IPB students as long as they fulfil the administrative requirements. In the last three years the number of DFRU students who received scholarships was 174 people (including DFRU students who were still in 1st year (TPB / PPKU)). The types of scholarships obtained are Putra Daerah Scholarship, Bidik Misi Scholarship, BCA, BUD Scholarship, Amil Zakat Institutions, Infaq and Sadaqah (LAZIS), Academic Achievement Improvement (PPA), and so on.