“Transdisciplinary Approaches Promoting Sustainable Marine Fisheries” Seminar – Call for Abstract

Sustainable fisheries is one of significant indicators in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. In the last decade, large share of fish from aquaculture is entering global markets in an ever increasing volume whilst production from capture fisheries is relatively constant if not decreasing. Nevertheless the role and importance of capture fisheries for food nutrition source, food security, employment and livelihood for coastal and small island communities, as well as global trade and economic is undoubtedly still significant and irreplaceable. Therefore as a developing archipelagic country, it is crucial for Indonesia to achieve and sustain capture fisheries on sustainable level. Transdisiplinary approach in research and education will play strategic role in preparing and developing synchronized policy actions, technological innovations and investments across relevant sectors. Capture fisheries must be seen not only as a component of agriculture sector, but should be perceived as an entry point for multisector, multidiscipline interventions aimed at improving quality of life. To get that complementarities between capture fisheries and other sectors must be clearly defined and expressed in order to sustainably increase the quantity and quality of fish supply.

This symposium provides venues and opportunities for exchanging ideas, comparing notes, sharing experiences and learning from others on realm of capture fisheries. Participants from different scientific backgrounds and experiences, various kind and level of institutions, will congregate in transdisciplinary setting in promoting sustainable capture fisheries for humankind.


“Transdisciplinary Approaches Promoting Sustainable Marine Fisheries” Seminar

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