Resources and Capture Fisheries Area Division


To develop science, technology and art (IPTEKS)

1. Fishing ground
2. Fishing operations management
3. Fishing optimization and management
4. Capture fisheries system dynamics
5. Analysis and engineering of capture fisheries systems
6. Capture fisheries resources modelling
7. Management and development of capture fisheries


Organization structure

Head of Division

Prof. Dr. Ir. Domu Simbolon, M.Si.


Prihatin Ika Wahyuningrum S.Pi., M.Si.


Julia Eka Astarini, S.Pi., M.Si.


Marine Fisheries System Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Ir. Tri Wiji Nurani, S.Pi., M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Ir. John Haluan, M.Sc.

Dr. Ir. Sugeng Hari Wisudo, M.Si.


Marine Fisheries Management and Policy Laboratory

Dr. Ir. Eko Sri Wiyono, M.Si.

Akhmad Sholihin, S.Pi., MH.

Julia E. Astarini, S.Pi., M.Si.


Environmental and Fishing Ground Laboratory 

Prof. Dr. Ir. Domu Simbolon, M.Si.

Dr. Ir. Budy Wiryawan, M.Sc.

P. Ika Wahyuningrum, S.Pi., M.Si.


Scope of Study

1. Fishing grounds analysis and modelling
2. Mapping technology and geographic information systems for fishing ground
3. Application of operational research for the analysis of capture fisheries studies
4. Analysis of production process and policy optimization in the capture fisheries industry
5. Quality management in the capture fisheries industry
6. The dynamics of interaction between components in the capture fisheries system, such as sub-system of fish resource, fishermen and their fishing gear, fishing gear competition and fishing capacity
7. Analysis and engineering of capture fisheries systems
8. Development of capture fisheries management information system
9. Engineering decision support systems of capture fisheries
10. Estimating fishing season
11. Models of development and management of capture fisheries resources
12. Planning the development of capture fisheries areas