Alumni Association

IPB graduate will automatically become members of the IPB Alumni Association. IPB AA is the coordinator of the Alumni Association of each faculty. Someone who graduate from the Marine Capture Technology and Management Study Program automatically become members of IPB AA and Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science IPB AA. Therefore, Marine Capture Technology and Management Study Program does not form a special alumni association for graduates. More information about IPB alumni can be found at this link: IPB AA and Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science alumni at this link: HAC-IPB.

However, Marine Capture Technology and Management Study Program alumni formed the DFRU Working Group (WG DFRU) on April 19th, 2011. Through IPB AA, FFMS AA and WG PSP, alumni and campus interact. Some of the activities between the alumni association and FFMS include C-Inauguration, C-Ruaya, C-Entrepreneurship, and C-Partnership. Alumni contributions to the campus include:


1) WG PSP through the safety net provides donation for MCTM SP students who need it. In addition to PSP WG, at the faculty level namely HA of FFMS, through C-Fund has formed the C-FPIK Foundation where funds collected from alumni are used for three things : (1) Education fee for students who economically disadvantaged, (2) Donation for student organization activities or individuals (3) social support for the FFMS academic community

2) Buy reference books

3) Donation for student organization activities


Donation of facilities :

  • Contribution of ship engines for ship engine learning activities in the Fishing Vessel Course (PSP231)
  • Nets for practicum about Fishing Material (PSP222)


Involvement in academic activities:

  • Some alumni were invited as guest lecturers in some lecture. Some of the alumni involvement included in the Port of Fisheries (PSP251), Capita Selekta of Capture Fisheries (PSP401) and Marine Fishing Practice¬† (PSP403).
  • In addition, alumni are also involved in capacity building activities for students in student organization activities.
  • Involvement of alumni was also carried out in the improvement of teaching materials such as FGD. From the results of the FGD, some lecture material and practicum were restructured according to the needs of the workforce.


Relation Development :

  • MCTM SP in collaboration with alumni who work in government and fisheries companies formed the FK2PT (Forum Komunikasi dan Kemitraan Perikanan Tangkap) in 2008. The purpose of establishing FK2PT was to synergize the roles of academics, governments and entrepreneurs to develop capture fisheries in Indonesia including its human resources.
  • Provide information about job opportunity