Student Creativity Program (PKM)

The Student Creativity Program (PKM) was launched by the Directorate General of Higher Education in 2011 which is an effort to foster, facilitate, and create students’ creative and innovative ideas. PKM has an impact on improving student achievement and university achievement in the ranking of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The Student Creativity Program also strongly supports the achievement of the main performance indicators (IKU) of the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs, which is to increase the number of outstanding students.


PKM titles from DFRU has been submitted for National Scientific Week (PIMNAS) were:


“Neptuneyes: Concept of Future Imaging System as a Solution to Face Illegal Fishing Towards Maritime Sovereignty” (Team leader: Achmad Choerul Anam, C44160037)



“LAGOS THE SECRET OF ARCHIPELAGO: Maritime Science Fiction Novels as Literacy Material for Indonesian Young Generation” (Team leader: Irfan Syauqi, C44140007)