Successful Alumni

Mustafa Abubakar

Mustafa Abubakar became a student when the major named was still Fisheries Exploitation and graduated in 1977. Man who born in Pidie, Aceh province, when he was a student he became an activist and head of student council IPB University in 1975-1976, and successed being a national model student in 1975. He started his career after graduate as a consultant at some agencies, that are world bank consultant of BRI (1979-1985) and world bank consultant of BI (1986-1989). He ever got some positions in national goverment, such as General Inspector of Marine and Fisheries Department (1999-2006), Governor Staff of Nanggro Aceh Darussalam Province (2005-2007), President Director BULOG (2007-2009) and Ministry of State-owned enterprises in United Indonesian Cabonet II in 2009-2011. His contribution was still needed when he was appointed as a President Commisioner of Bukopin Bank in 2018-2023.

His interest in education made him had education until the last level, from bachelor to master and doctor degree. He got all of the degree from Fisheries Resources Utilization, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Scinence, IPB University.

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Ari Purbayanto

Indonesian Fishing gear technology expert is one of the PSP Department alumny who work as a lecturer. To get his higher education, Ari continued his master degree in Tokyo University of Fisheries in Japan and graduated in 1997 (Master) and 2000 (Doctor). His career in education is no doubt. Some of his research that gave the contribution to indonesia fisheries development has done by him. The researchs about Behavior Physiological Studies, fishing gear technology development, and fisheries management policies in Indonesia. 321 journals has written by him spread on national and international. He achieved His top career as an academist at the age of 40 years old, appointed as a Professor in PSP Department of IPB University

Beside as an academist, he work as a diplomat. He became Education and Culture Attache based on Ministerial Decree of Education and CultureĀ  no 47991/A4.4/KP/2014 and Ministerial Decree of Foreign Affairs no 04451/B/KP/VI/2014 about determination Education and Culture Attache in Embassy of Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He ended his career as a diplomat in 2018. At the end of his career he got achievement from Hasan Wirayuda Perlindungan WNI in 2018 category of Indonesian Representative Staff from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, he came back as a lecturer at PSP Department.

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