Student Affairs

Student interest and talent services are in the form of coaching in a student association under the department that called Fisheries Resources Utilization Student Association (HIMAFARIN), specialization clubs such as Boat Modeling Club (BMC) and Naarboven Diving Club (NDC). In addition, there is also coaching at the IPB University level such as Student Activities Unit (UKM) in the fields of sports, arts and culture (AGRIASWARA), spirituality, science, journalism and entrepreneurship. In addition, there are also coaching that is incidental, such as Student Creativity Week (PKM) which organized by DIKTI, and competitions held within or outside IPB University.

In mentoring or serving the interests and talents of students, Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization (DFRU) is equipped with a student commission. This commission was determined by Dean’s Decree of FPIK upon the proposal by the Head of Department. Student commission has the duty to help, monitor and/or direct also support student activities both in interests and talents of students. In addition, in the implementation of student affairs commission duties, the Department will appoint some lecturers as student assistant lecturers if there are incidental activities. Specifically for student activities that are members of clubs such as BMC and NDC, both clubs already have supervisors.

The achievements of DFRU students were achieved starting from activities at the faculty, university, national to international level. Guiding students’ interests and talents makes DFRU students more creative. This is evidenced by the many competitive activities that are participated by DFRU students.

Soft skills training is carried out through various routine and incidental activities. Routine activities are activities that are programmed in the curriculum such as: in the Marine Fisheries Practice (PSP403) and Fisheries and Marine Sciences Softskill Development (FPK302) courses. Incidental activities such as: Student Creativity Program (PKM), Indonesian Student Business Competition organized by DIKTI; student association activities such as Expedition of Fishermen’s Friends; or activities organized by IPB such as student mobility, IPB Goes to field and incidental seminars and training. Students have access to participate in these activities.

Soft skills development in the courses of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Softskill Development (FPK302) and Marine Fisheries Practice (PSP403) can be taken in odd semester (Semesters 3 and 7). The soft skill training outside routine activities can be taken in every semester.

The results of soft skills development can be seen from the ability of students to communicate, socialize and express their opinions. This is evident from the increasing of varied student activities that were followed as well as the achievements.