Payung Penelitian

Research roadmap has components that can be developed to be a guidance of research programs in each department and center. Based on the impermanent results, it is planned that the research roadmaps consists of 10 components. Meanwhile, to understand these components, it is necessary to first understand about some comprehension which include :

  1. Agriculture referred in the component of research roadmaps includes food crops, horticulture, plantations, fisheries and marine, animal husbandry and forestry
  2. Agricultural industry includes the food crops industry, horticulture, plantation, marine and fisheries, animal husbandry and forestry
  3. The sector of the agricultural industry includes the upstream (primary) industry, and the downstream industry (secondary including bioprocess and tertiary which support the sustainability of the industry)

Research roadmaps components includes :

  1. Renewable Resources based Industry
    Agricultural industry based on renewable resources
  2. Biorelated Sciences and Health
    Sciences that are directly related or related to biology on land and in the waters
  3. Indigenous Knowledge/Technology
    Science / indigenous and specific technology especially those that have been applied in the local community
  4. Food Security and Food Safety
    Food security and improvement of sustainable agricultural production
  5. Genetic Resources & Engineering and Breeding
    Genetic resources and engineering and breeding of plants, animals on land and in waters and microorganisms
  6. Conservation and Environment
    Conservation of natural resources and the environment
  7. Social, Economy, and Culture
    Social, economy, finance, culture and institution aspects related to agriculture and economy development
  8. Biophysics, Mechanics and Equipment
    Agricultural industrial equipment used for the exploitation, cultivation and processing of agricultural products
  9. Management and Information Technology
    Develompment aspects of information technology  and management
  10. Regional Development and Community Empowerment
    Planning and develompment aspects of regional and community